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Make a Grocery List. Lose a Grocery List.

I make a lot of grocery lists written on Post-It Notes. Then to make them even smaller, I fold them in half so the sticky part isn't so sticky.

I lose A LOT of grocery lists.

In the car, in the parking lot, in the aisle, left on the kitchen counter.

You name it.

Stacy gets mid-store phone calls from me asking, 'Do you remember what was on that list? I can't find it.'

Thankfully, she is kind. We usually cobble it back together from memory. Minus an item or two.

To get the basil I needed for Pho Ga last night I went to SF Supermarket in South Land Park. I shopped the produce for basil and picked up a shallot.

Halfway down the dried noodle aisle I reached for the list. Left pants pocket. Right pants pocket. Back pockets. Shirt pocket.

Gone. So gone.

I had the feeling that there was something I was missing on that grocery list. Something important.

I couldn't bring myself to make the phone call. I retraced my zig-zagging steps.

Lo and Behold, right where any reasonable person would leave it, there it was!

Lying in a big pile of shallots.

Shallots weren't even on the list.

The soup was delicious.

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