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Dungeness Crab Salad

2-pound Dungeness Crab. Cooked. I cracked and cleaned. Stacy is the crab pile expert.


Anyone following the real-life misfortunes of recent Northern California Dungeness Crab seasons knows this is another rough year in a growing string of rough years. The reasons, both environmental and political, go on and on. Look them up and be informed. Folks whose livelihoods rely on both protecting and harvesting this annual bounty will do a far better job educating you on the subject than I can.

There is live and cooked Dungeness available from select local fishmongers here in Sacramento. Call around. Give the fishermen a hand.

Here's a Dungeness Crab Salad I made.


I didn't start with a particular recipe. It was more about deciding how I wanted to dress the crab meat. Fresh Dungeness Crab has a sweetness that requires very few, if any, added ingredients. For this salad an unseasoned rice vinegar, Kewpie Mayo, and mustard vinaigrette is what I had in mind.

Kewpie Mayo (the creamiest). Napa Cabbage (the crispiest). Maille Whole Grain Dijon Mustard (the grainiest). Marukan UNSEASONED Rice Vinegar (the tangiest).

Approx. (2) Tbsp. Rice Vinegar. (1) Heaping Tbsp. Dijon Mustard, stirred.

Add approx. (2) Tbsp. Kewpie Mayo. Mix thoroughly with a fork or small whisk. I was looking for a very thin consistency, but still with a little creaminess. Adjust the ratio of vinegar to mayonnaise as needed.

For a little color and flavor I added the Japanese Noodle House staple, Shichimi Togarashi - 7 Spice Blend.

Thinly sliced red onions and fresh tarragon garnish. I haven't included tarragon in much of my cooking. Yet. Definitely something to scale-up or dial-back based on the dish. And your wife's palette.

This photo shows just how little dressing is needed for a fresh and lumpy Dungeness Crab Salad. No pooling!


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