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Bunco Night

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

As I mention in an earlier write-up, my Mom is an excellent cook.

And she is one of the wittiest women I know. That's not part of the story here, but it has to be said.

My Dad, while he would be the last to tell you, is a true Craftsman.

On rare occasions growing up, Mom wouldn't be home at dinner time. Maybe there was a PTA meeting, charity to do, choir practice?

Or, maybe, there was a Bunco game going down in Fair Oaks that night!


On those nights when Mom wasn't cooking my Dad took over the stove.

We loved it!

This is a pretty close version of my favorite meal Dad still cooks for us.


Polish Sausage and Fry-Marked Potatoes

Four Polish and One Hot Link. Purchased at Taylor's Market.

Yukon Gold.

The sauerkraut and beans are something I added. Or dreamed of.

My Dad has a special knack for putting deep-brown and crisp fry-marks on a potato. You have to leave them alone. It takes discipline. I need to learn that.

Kraut in! And a pour of pilsner.

I can't say if Mom ever won a round of Bunco in her life.

But Dad, Justin, and I never lost.

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27 jan. 2021

Here is what was served at Fair Oaks Bunco/Choir Practice. Mom

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