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Chips, Ahoy!

I picked up some locally made flour tortillas about a week ago. They weren't very good. A little stiff, and they stuck together in the bag. Not a tragedy, I know.

But, cut them into triangles, heat up some canola oil, grab the salt and Aleppo pepper, and now you've got something!

Heat the canola oil to medium-high. I put the dial on the gas stove to 5. Keep the splash guard handy. My splash guard doesn't fit any of our pans. Which leaves crescent moons of oil on the counter.

Cooking in batches I drained the excess oil from the chips and put them onto a paper towel-lined dish. While still piping hot, sprinkle them liberally with Maldon flake salt and Aleppo pepper. Aleppo pepper is great on everything. I buy it in bulk online.

If you have a lime you can give it a squeeze over the top. I had half a lime in the fridge. When I squeezed it sawdust came out. I have lousy luck with limes.

Ice cold Pacifico and jar salsa with a few splashes of Mexican hot sauce.

Try it out for gameday.

But please don't invite anyone over until the coast is clear.

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Jordan Heinrich
Jordan Heinrich
Jan 25, 2021

Awesome. Thanks, Greg!


Jan 25, 2021

I love that you are making a go at this website/blog! Looking forward to more and more content!

Regarding Limes:

A very valuable tip I learned for buying limes Is that the juiciest ones are the ones with a bit of yellow in them. The solid green ones are always enticing because of the color so it seems counter intuitive, but trust me. Buy yellowish limes and you will appreciate the difference.

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