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Why so left-handed?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

A Call for Solidarity!



The 10%ers with ink smudged on your paper and your hand and probably somewhere on your clothes!


Doesn't really feel like the left-handed thing to do.

So why so left-handed?

First, it's not your fault.

Not the being left-handed part. That probably is somehow. But the part where you find yourself doing something, or looking through something, or using something basic or simple, and it just doesn't seem to work.

All 10% of us know what I am saying.

And why?


Because that shit is right-handed!


When Stacy and I moved into our current place in Baja Curtis Park there were lots of things to love, but the refinished kitchen immediately clicked.

Compared to cramped Midtown apartments of the previous decade(s) there was a natural lighting to the kitchen that without much effort leads you out to the back patio. It's a great little kitchen. We are grateful to have it.

And, believe it or not, it's a Left-Handed Kitchen.

Not in some mystical way either. It's far simpler and imaginary than that.

From this 90's-skateboard-video-fish-eye angle I am standing next to the fridge.

Directly above the dishwasher is where I put down whichever cutting board I am starting with. To the right is the trash can. Fitting.

From this prep area everything moves leftward. From rinsing, chopping, and slicing on one side over to the left side of the sink for seasoning, dressing, and flouring. One quarter-to-the-left turn to the stovetop and oven. Another left, serving dishes, bowls, and plates await.

Any sudden moves to the right imply correctly that I have forgotten something important, something is burning, and I have spilled something of large volume likely very hot and/or sticky.

I've been known to go to my right.


When Stacy gave me this a lot changed. It's left-handed. But if you look closely the handle is still printed in a right-handed direction. The printing on cheap give-away pens is the same way, just for you 90%ers who don't know that.

Another gift from Stacy. Wisely, the logo is centered.


The Left-Handed Kitchen. Welcome!

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